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Below you will find links to some of the recent teaching materials of the fellowship- all of which can be found on our Faceboook page.

An Overview of the Bible 


The Bible was written over a 1000yr period, often drawing on material that is much older. It was written by around 40 different people, using different genres, in several countries across the Middle East and in three different languages- Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek- yet it tells a single story that is Theologically consistent.

If you have you ever wondered how the Bible fits into the wider context of Middle Eastern writings this one is for you. We will examine how the Bible fits into history and its wider context as we understand it, what was happening in the wider world of the time and the major players who affect the nation of Israel throughout Biblical history.

Our study breaks the Bible down into six distinct periods, each taking around an hour:

Adam to Abraham - Wednesday 7th October  7pm - View on Facebook

Abraham to Moses - Wednesday 14th October  7pm - View on Facebook

Moses to The Monarchs - Wednesday 21st October  7pm - View on Facebook

The Monarchs to The Exile - Wednesday 28th October  7pm - View on Facebook

The Exile to Jesus - Wednesday 4th November  7pm - View on Facebook

The Letters - Wednesday 11th November  7pm - View on Facebook


Change Of Perspective


Emotions crash like waves, flowing endlessly on,

Those wonderful days, are they truly gone?

Wistfully, you stare at those gloomy clouds above;

The sun peeks through, blinding, as bright as a dove.


Suddenly your soul is nourished, your heart is fed;

You gain motivation to get out of bed.

You pick up a writing pad and write using ink

Enlightening words without having to think.


As natural as breathing, the words roll on;

You begin to notice your uncertainty is gone.

That knot of fear once lodged within your mind

Is starting to unravel, you begin to find.


Take this difficult time to find your true inner peace.

Your isolating days should then pass by with ease.

Your community is with you, but they need you too!

But if we pick each other up, we’ll all pull through…


Cassie Murdock