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History of the church

Long Eaton Baptist Church has served God and people in the town and area since Victorian times.

History of the Church

1861 - 1864

Our Church was founded in 1861 in the upper rooms of a Carpenter’s Shop on High Street.


As numbers grew, it was decided by members of the Church to look for a new site and in 1864 the first Long Eaton Baptist Church was erected for the cost of £350.

1880 - 1908

The building served as a Chapel and school until 1880. 


When the site next to the Chapel was bought, a new Church was built and opened in the October. In 1908, the new School building was opened.

1939 - 1955

During the second world war, the School Hall was devoted to the service of the men and women of H.M.Forces, as a centre for recreation and refreshments. During the years of war no fewer than 1,500,000 visits were made by members of the various armed forces.

A tablet has been placed on the outside of the building as a memorial.

In 1955 the interior of the Church was modified, a new porch area was built and the Memorial windows dedicated.

1955 - Present

Long Eaton Baptist Church continues to serve God and the local community to the present day.

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