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'Contact' Midweek Fellowship - First Wednesday of every month at 2pm :
Wednesday 4th October : Speaker Sue Bowler from Beeston Free Church 

We chose the name 'Contact' for three reasons:

  • Contact with each other

  • Contact with the community

  • Contact with God

Our meetings are devotional and we always try to engage speakers who give us an insight into many interesting subjects. We also include social activities in some of our meetings such as a fish and chip lunches and themed buffet lunches.


A warm welcome awaits anyone who would like to join us at any of our meetings.

House Groups


We will be recommencing our House Group at 10:15am on Thursday 28th September, which are held fortnightly.

We meet for an opportunity to study the bible, discuss different issues, and enjoy a chat and cup of tea/coffee with other members of our church family. This is an opportunity to support one another and learn more about the Christian faith in a more relaxed and informal setting. If you are interesed in joining us, please use the 'Contact' Form at the bottom of the page.


Saturday Coffee Morning - 10:00am to 12 noon every Saturday

Meeting at the RealCoffee Cafe for 10am every Saturday, our coffee morning offers the opportunity to meet and catch up on the latest news or just have a chat with someone you've not seen in a while.

Or maybe you just want to meet new people and have a stimulating conversation. If so, coffee morning is for you. So please, do call in, we'd love to see you.

The RealCoffee Cafe is situated opposite Argos on The High Street.

Colouring Club - 2.00pm to 4.00pm every Tuesday

Meeting at the RealCoffee Cafe for 2.00pm every Tuesday, Colouring Club is for those who have been struggling with lockdown and isolation. So if you want to get out and about and enjoy some company, please pop in and enjoy a time of colouring - ALL MATERIALS PROVIDED. 

The RealCoffee Cafe is situated opposite Argos on The High Street.

Board Game Cafe - 2.00pm to 4.00pm every Wednesday

Meeting at the Real Coffee Cafe for 2.00pm every Wednesday, Board game Cafe is another opportunity to meet people and have a chat, this time over a friendly board game. We love meeting new people so please pop in and enjoy the games - just keep an eye on Mike, he cheats. 

The RealCoffee Cafe is situated opposite Argos on The High Street.

So What Else Are We Doing?

Well, we are working in partnership with other churches across our community to meet the needs of those who find themselves in difficulty:


On Wednesday's, again with St. John's, we prepare hot meals for those who turn up. This is free to anybody, just turn up at St. John's on College Street for around 11am.

Tuesday's and Friday's see us working alongside Long Eaton Foodbank - and if you are struggling to make ends meet just drop us a line and we can sort you out a voucher.

On Thursday's, working along side St. John's and All Saint's Church, Sawley, we prepare "Manna" Food Boxes for the disadvantaged. This is a prepay scheme, costing just £6, you can find out more and register HERE.

Working with the Canaan Trust we support those who find themselves homeless.

We are always looking for opportunities to serve our community and will work in partnership with any like minded group. If you need support, why not get in touch and we'll see what we can do.

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