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About us

We are delighted that you have joined us on our website today and hope that you will return and maybe even visit us on a Sunday.

Our Ethos

We at Long Eaton Baptist Church are, we are often told, well known for being a friendly, caring and loving Church.


As a fellowship of Jesus' disciples our goals are twofold:


Firstly, to encourage Christians to become more Christlike through living out their faith every day. 

Secondly, to bear fruit in keeping with the Gospel; through sharing the good news of Jesus Christ with others and to be a positive influence in our local community and beyond.

What we believe

We believe that as people we often get things wrong and this results in people getting hurt and relationships being broken. This is no more true than where God is concerned - our actions hurt him and has resulted in our relationship with Him being broken. That’s why Jesus came, to restore our broken relationship with God and as a result of what Jesus did, the way is now open for all of us to get to know God, through Christ, if we choose.

That’s it really; the rest, as they say, is academic.

OK, perhaps not - but in a Baptist church if you ask a question you are likely to get a whole range of responses. This is because we believe you can hold your own opinion, provided you do so with a clear conscience - so it is not only important to know what you believe but why you believe it.

To this end, we would encourage you to explore the questions you have, without dictating the answers.


On a practical level, we try our best to foster good relationships and the community is very important to us; whether it is deciding what we do as a fellowship or sharing the odd cup of coffee, we endeavour to include everyone.


Though, as we said, we do get it wrong sometimes. 

If you want to know more, you can read more about the Baptist principles here.

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